TOKYO-2019 Architecture / Interiors


  • Prize
    Bronze in Architecture/Interiors
  • Company
    Pygmalion Karatzas Photography
  • Photographer
    Pygmalion Karatzas

Interior view of the 20-meter light well of the award winning Euphoria Retreat in Mystras Greece designed by Deca Architecture. This cavernous spa sits between a cypress forest and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mystras, an important Byzantine landmark. The light well is central in the carefully choreographed transition of spaces in which light, sound, temperature, humidity, textures, materials and smells create immersive sensory experiences. It is meant to be at the same time meditative, orderly and free-flowing. The ascending directionality instigates the moment of ‘catharsis’.

Pygmalion Karatzas studied Architecture at the Technical University of Budapest, Urban Design at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, and practiced architecture for 12 years. Since 2013 he is focusing systematically on architectural and fine art photography, producing a portfolio of 200 architectural, commercial and artistic projects from Europe, USA and Middle East.