TOKYO-2019 Events / Sport


  • Prize
    Bronze in Events/Sport
  • Company
    Lightroom Inc.
  • Photographer
    Markku Lahdesmaki
  • Technical Info
    Canon 5d Mark4
  • Photo Date

Polo is the sport of kings. Here in the Coachella valley -it belongs to everyone, to the Eldorado and Empire clubs, to young and old, to women and men, to the green grass and vast sky. And to a photographer’s curiosity. I was the man without the horse, but this close group was happy to share their sport and passion with me. I spent many days watching, and shooting, finding simple moments in the action and across sprawling fields. I was allowed the freedom to wander through the stables where I was met with friendly waves and willing subjects. I made photographs and some friends.

Born in Finland I became interested in photography at an early age of 7. By 21 I had a studio in my hometown of Tampere, Finland and soon after in London UK. A career as a commercial photographer became the reality that would eventually lead me to Los Angeles. My photography ranges from pure painterly to complex technical composites. I enjoy working and traveling for both American and European clients and my love of photography also inspires a constant stream of personal work that is largely inspired by the values I hold dear: joy of life, peace of mind and a sense of humor.