TOKYO-2019 Editorial / Conflict

The Christ of The Balkans

  • Prize
    Bronze in Editorial/Conflict
  • Photographer
    Valerio Nicolosi
  • Agency / Studio
    Valerio Nicolosi
  • Technical Info
    Canon Rp, Canon 24mm, F2.8, 1/125 Shutter Speed, 160 Iso
  • Photo Date

In the Vucjak refugee camp, at the border of Bosnia and Croatia, hundreds of men pass every day trying to cross the border. They call it "The Game" and each of them has tried dozens of times and has always been beaten and sent back by the Croatian police. The conditions in the "Jungle camp", as the camp is called, are inhuman. There is no water, there is no electricity, there are no basic services and above all it is very isolated from the city of Bihac, the nearest and about 20 kilometers away.

Filmmaker and photojournalist born in Rome in 1984. He collaboreted with the international press agency Reuters and leading Italian and european network. Covering the terrorist attacks both in Paris and Brussels. With ICRC he has made few reportages from the Syrian-Lebanon border about the crises of refugees. He has been few times in the Mediterranen Sea for Search and Rescue operation with on board the Italian military vessels and ONG "Open Arms. Has published 3 books of photography, Bar(N)Out, Befilmaker a Gaza and (R)Esistenze. He is based in Rome where he collaborates with Associated Press