TOKYO-2019 Nature / Trees

Story of Tree Family

  • Prize
    Gold in Nature/Trees, 1st Place winner in Nature
  • Photographer
    Sukeun Kim
  • Technical Info
    24mm, 30sec, F10, Iso 500, Nikon D810
  • Photo Date

-Story of Tree Family- A tree that doesn't seem real. It is the tree family story of the sea. I want to talk through this tree family. Modern people are too busy to meet family members. But don't forget your family like(hope) those trees that always look at each other.

I am a photographer drawing pictures. I find a motive from my past experiences. next compositional expression and leave with my camera. I Live in near Seoul, South Korea. Studied painting at the University. And it was completed a Masters Degree Animation. My work is always a hope song. The Light and contrast shines in the nature and the human, and infinite array of colors and it’s combination, Sing for salvation and hope that hide underneath of the naked face of the human and the nature. I would also like to give eternal rest to the mind of an innocent child to people viewing my photos .