TOKYO-2019 People / Portrait

Project Raw / Under My Skin

  • Prize
    Gold in People/Portrait
  • Photographer
    Steve Dean Bowden Pereira Braz Mendes
  • Technical Info
    Ss 1/160, Iso 100, F2.8, Full Frame
  • Photo Date

Since last year Steve has been working on a project called ‘Project Raw / Under my skin.’ This series consists of honest and powerful portraits with no make up or retouching. ⁠ Project Raw / Under my skin is about self-acceptance, self love. This is a process of removing all the masks in order to show the world the real human being These woman portraying that in a world where negatives emotions are suppressed, beautiful women that seem perfect on the outside face their own emotional battles which we all carry under the perfect mask of happy, successful life.