TOKYO-2019 Fine Art / Portrait


  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/Portrait
  • Photographer
    Diana Rubi
  • Technical Info
    Canon Eos 6d Mark Ii, 17-40mm, 1/1,600, F/7.1, Iso-200, 3994px-4160px
  • Photo Date

Boreas "From the cold north wind it brought winter, it was very strong and had a violent character, its steeds were as fast as its father, the wind." This was Boreas, the god of the cold north wind, represented by a young woman whipped by the wind, will be Princess Oritia minutes before being abducted while dancing on the banks of the Iliso? or a simple young woman like the one represented by John Williams Waterhouse in 1903, but with intense red hair like her character, forming waves in the form of marine conch shells with the movement of the wind in her dress?

Diana Rubi is a young photographer born in Cuba and currently a US resident. She graduated in the specialty of digital art at the Cuban Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro. Her work outside and inside the academy were video and photo manipulation. Migrating to the US was undoubtedly the great step to discover her true interest in conceptual self-portrait, this being a method of self-knowledge and experimentation, an escape from reality to another world through which to express herself freely.