TOKYO-2019 People / Culture

"sacred India"

  • Prize
    Bronze in People/Culture
  • Photographer
    Tarun Chhabra
  • Technical Info
    Camera Nikon D800e,f -14, Exp. -1/125 Sec.,iso-200
  • Photo Date

Vittal Birdev Annual Yatra is observed in patan kadoli village of Maharashtra state in India. Birdev is the family deity of the Shepherd community. Thousands of people throng this village on this auspicious day. The Shepherd community offer turmeric powder (bhandara) and goat’s hair to their deity. The devotees shower bhandara on each other .They beat the drums, spin the huge umbrellas, sing folk songs, dance and do acrobatics. As soon as Baba(Holy man) arrives, devotees from all around shower bhandara on him and whole area is covered under the thick clouds of turmeric powder.

I am a photographer based in Delhi. My journey in the world of photography began in the year 1998 , after the birth of of my daughter. That is when I started looking at other children. The stark difference in the lives of my daughter and the children on the streets affected me inexplicably. When I started spending time with some of these children, they began to share their experiences with me. Though I tried to help them through some NGOs, it seemed inadequate. I wanted to reach out to others who would care and photography seemed like a perfect medium.