TOKYO-2019 Fine Art / Abstract

Into The Deep

  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/Abstract
  • Company
    Vicky Stromee Photography
  • Photographer
    Victoria (Vicky) Stromee
  • Technical Info
    Photo Composites; Nikon D3x
  • Photo Date

I could write about my obsession with certain elements; my fascination with transformative processes; or my desire to bring beauty into the world. I could point out the symbolic references and discuss the social commentary. I could talk about the personal struggles embodied in the work, but that would only serve to constrain the work in a container of words that, no matter how eloquent, would inevitably be inadequate to hold the experience of art’s creation. Instead I invite you as viewer to engage with the work and explore your responses; is there a journey of discovery that resonates for you

Vicky Stromee was immersed in the transformative power of the arts from an early age. Her obsession with texture, pattern, fluidity, and change became defining life themes that continue to unfold in her work. Painterly influences inform Vicky's unique eye for composition and form, light and color. Her work invites the viewer to pause, reflect, and find a visual respite.