TOKYO-2019 Book / Documentary


  • Prize
    Bronze in Book/Documentary
  • Company
  • Photographer
    Franz Messenbaeck, Melody Monies
  • Photo Date

Old Car City, White, Georgia | over 4000 American-made cars from the early 20th Century | on over 34 acres of land | cars, trucks, vans and school buses, placed here since 1931 | a varied collection of automobile art | aging gracefully through time | with some little help from Mother Nature

Franz G. Messenbaeck is a photographer and surgeon in Bischofshofen, Austria. He considers both professions as complementary. The precision of surgery influences photography, aesthetic sensibilities of photography bring advantages in surgery. His passion is landscape photography. He runs a small but fine portrait studio in the city of Bischofshofen near Salzburg in Austria. He travels a lot, mainly to the American West and to Northern Europe, where he enjoys the solitary landscapes full of structures and abstractions. These landscapes are a welcome counterpoint to the surgical work too.