TOKYO-2019 Advertising / Self-Promotion

Crescent Moon

  • Prize
    Gold in Advertising/Self-Promotion
  • Company
    William King Photography
  • Photographer
    William King
  • Technical Info
    Crescent Moon Is A Two Image Composited Image. Photographed On Location, And In Studio.
  • Photo Date

Crescent Moon's background image was photographed with the Sony RX10m3 during dawn, before sunrise at the Salt Marsh Nature Center in Marine Park, Brooklyn. I photographed myself portrait in the studio using the Sony a7Rm2 with 90mm f2.8 Macro lens. I used the Sony Play Memories wifi app with a Apple iPhone 6 Plus to operate the Sony a7Rm2. Settings; ISO100, 90mm, f18, 1/160. My studio lighting incorporated two Calumet 750 Travelites with a 6 x 7' Lastolite light modifier as my main light source, and two 5 x 7' studio pro light reflectors. The final composited image took two days to complete.