TOKYO-2019 Book / Fine Art

Sottopelle (Eng: Underskin)

  • Prize
    Gold in Book/Fine Art
  • Company
    Photography, Art & Imagination
  • Photographer
    Silvia Pasquetto
  • Technical Info
    Self Published Book - Edition Of 300
  • Photo Date
    2015-2016 the pictures werer taken, the book was selfpublished at the end of 2018

For this project I shoot 30 women: totally unknown between each others and in many cases I was unknown to them too. Nevertheless they gave me the deepest trust, abandoning themselves and relying their nude body to my camera lens. A right away wrote letter, requested without any previous announcement, more like a surprise – I delivered this letter every time to the following women I would have photographed after– is the fil rouge of the project connecting all of them between each other. These letters are telling whispering secrets among women, girlfriends, sisters, mothers and daughters.