TOKYO-2018 Book / Fine Art

Identity : Reasons For Identity

  • Prize
    Silver in Book/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Seok-Woo Song
  • Photo Date

Painting into the process to go forward, he suddenly asks himself the question, 'What am I running for?' Having a time to look back at myself, I expressed my whole gaze with my own emotion. Through metaphor to reveal the inner world of one's own, one can project the current image into a black and white and show unexpected chaos with a confrontation with bored but familiar time in the small world. As I worked on the images in combination with different time, space and objects, I encountered a great deal of emotion, and soon met a subtle feeling of being and hope, instead of facing the world.

[Education] Currently attending M.F.A in Department of Photographic Design, Hongik University graduate School of Design Contents, Seoul, Korea Graduated B.F.A in Department of Photography and Media, Daegu Arts University, Daegu, Korea