TOKYO-2018 Architecture / Cityscapes

New York City X Brooklyn

  • Prize
    Bronze in Architecture/Cityscapes
  • Company
    Chasing The Mm
  • Photographer
    Annabel Park
  • Technical Info
    35mm Film / Argus C3 Matchmatic / Kodak Ektar / Double Exposure
  • Photo Date

New York and Brooklyn double exposed for a new perspective. Using the Argus C3 Matchmatic, I'm experimenting with nature using double or triple exposures onto one frame. After I develop the images with Cinestill, I scan them in with an Epson V600. The frames are muted and the colors are dull. Using Photoshop, I dodge and burn throughout the image and find the right color palette for the frame. When I first open a file I'm lost, but as I agitate the curves, my brain clicks with the image and I go for it. At the end, I am dumbfounded. Most frames take 30-50 minutes to edit.