TOKYO-2018 Fine Art / Moving Images

Black Mirror Diary

  • Prize
    Bronze in Editorial/Moving Images, Silver in Fine Art/Moving Images
  • Company
    Fugitive Blue
  • Photographer
    Tama Baldwin
  • Technical Info
    Time Lapse Video
  • Photo Date
    OCTOBER 2016
  • Link

Black Mirror Diary is a time-lapse of one day of a three week journey in the high arctic just as polar darkness was closing in on the Svalbard Archipelago for winter. By this late in the year the mountains of this polar desert should have been draped in snow and the glaciers should have been settling down, but after the worst summer on record for polar ice melt temperatures at the North Pole soared triggering heavy rains and glacial surges and mudslides that persisted straight through the year's end.