TOKYO-2018 Editorial / General News

South of Chile

  • Prize
    Bronze in Editorial/General News
  • Photographer
    Simone Francescangeli
  • Photo Date
    August 2018

Caleta Tortel is a small village of a few hundred people in the deep south of Chile. All are descendants of 12 families of pioneers who in 1800 reached the mouth of Rio Baker (900 cubic meters of water per second) to work the trunk of Cypress of Guaiateca.Until the end of 2003 the road did not exist. Electricity came in 1988 and even today it's very difficult to manage rubbish and waste. The wheather is cold and rains.Jeorge is one of the last lumberjacks to earn money from cutting wood striving for a different future for his children...

My name is Simone Francescangeli, I'm a self-made visual story teller. I like to relate stories about the human being and his capacities and social implications of his interventions in this world. Until now I brought my camera around in Italy, in Europe, South America and Africa.