TOKYO-2018 Fine Art / Other

Alchemist'S Dream

  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/Other
  • Company
    Yasu Matsumoto Photography
  • Photographer
    Yasuaki Matsumoto
  • Technical Info
    Shot With 8x10" Film, Printed With 16x20" Gelatin Silver Print
  • Photo Date

This series is a fairy tale without words. Each works are the fragments of an alchemist's dream. With this project, I am trying to cross the boundary between real and imaginary. To do so, I actually construct the whole scene that means making the imaginary happen in real world. Also, the reason I use film is the proof of that existence. I use film because it doesn't lie. I'm hoping that the viewers start weaving their own stories from my fragments, and start traveling in their world of imagination like we all used to do with our favorite fairy tales.