TOKYO-2018 Advertising / Fashion

Treasure Reloaded

  • Prize
    Bronze in Advertising/Fashion
  • Photographer
    Irma Kaňová
  • Technical Info
    All The Models Are From Unique Private 50 Years Old Collection, Photographed In Daylight Only.
  • Photo Date

There was a real treasure hidden in the wardrobe of Zdenka, a concert and fashion shows moderator in the deep communist era in the Czech Republic. Her father was persecuted and jailed for his opinions, therefore her younger sister Jana emigrated to France. Zdenka had nothing nice to wear, so Jana started to support her sister by fabrics and fashion magazines. Zdenka´s twin Helena started designing and sewing dresses inspired by Haute Coutoure magazines sent by Jana from Paris. Now the discovered robe collection was recovered from the wardrobe: after 50 years it is still dazzling and unique!

Irma Kanova graduated at Institut of Digital Photography in Prague in field of Advertising Photography. The greatest passion and focus of her work has become fashion and portrait photography. Now she is focusing on projects which can show diversity of life, atypical but pure beauty with strong and elegant features.