TOKYO-2018 Editorial / Fashion

« Ici C'Est L'Aquarium, Dehors C'Est L'Océan »

  • Prize
    Silver in Editorial/Fashion
  • Photographer
    Matei Focseneanu
  • Photo Date
    April 2018

This project arose from a desire to give a voice to those located on the invisible margins of society - female inmates. To avoid a stigmatizing approach, my project invites these women to express themselves through a visual language, both corporal and oneiric, in stark contrast to penitentiary discretion: that of fashion photography. Apparel take on a significant role as Swiss law does not allow prisoners’ faces to be shown in pictures. The overall goal is to use the visual richness of the outfits to allow the inmates to expand the possibilities of their body language and expression.

After having experienced several more or less legal activities as a computer engineer, activist, squatter, death metal singer, DJ, I finally turned to photography after a journey in Lebanon where I spent number of hours wandering with my camera through the pacified nights of an overheated city. Back from this trip, the will of studying this art led me to the visual communication photographic course taught at the CEPV school in Vevey, Switzerland. Here, fed by many incredible encounters and a growing interest for garment, my practice turns toward fashion photography.