TOKYO-2018 Nature / Panoramic

Burning Mountain Ridges

  • Prize
    Silver in Nature/Panoramic
  • Company
  • Photographer
    Jan Šmíd
  • Technical Info
    Panorama Compiled From Total Of 96 Frames.
  • Photo Date
    September 2017

Here we go–another stunning panorama taken at the photo expedition to Norwegian Lofoten from last Autumn. Over hundred photos of various exposures, focusing planes and antireflection frames – it all showed from the very beginning that this one won’t be easy to process. It took me almost a year to dig in and hope it worths the effort. This photo is taken at my favorite spot discovered by myself. There is no official hiking trail and you have to climb some parts up. But at the end, it offers exceptional view with zero risk of photographer’s crowd that you are use to in tourists areas in Reine.

Jan Šmíd is exclusively a landscape photographer with a special focus on panoramic photography, For his work, he uses modern photography methods like exposure bracketing, antireflex, focus bracketing, parallactic mount, etc. He has been organizing photography workshops for seven years; he organizes photo expeditions and runs an Individual Photography School.