TOKYO-2018 Science / Technology


  • Prize
    Bronze in Science/Technology
  • Photographer
    Paul Orsen
  • Technical Info
    Source: Sound Archives / Process: Digital Images + Digital Printing
  • Photo Date

My research is based on to visually capture the sound, which gives me another way to look at the world around us. The current techniques can make it possible to scientifically convert a sound into a picture. Imagine now a photogram containing a melody played with a Stradivarius or a text read by Junichiro Tania himself. Today it would be possible! 1-VOICE FRENCH WRITER AND POET MICHEL HOUELLEBECQ RECITING A POEM, THE CAVERN 2-SOUND OF A BURNING MATCH, LANDSCAPE 3-SOUND FROM THE HALL OF TRAIN STATION “GARE DU NORD” PARIS 6:31 AM, SILHOUETTES 4-SOUND FROM THE STREETS OF NEW YORK, SKYSCRAPERS

Paul Orsen is a French photographer. Master of Photography, PhotoEspaña, and graduated from Blank Paper (Madrid, Spain), he studied at the School of Cinematography (ESEC, Paris). He began his career in France with Michel Gondry on the music videos for the Rolling Stones, Lenny Kravitz, Björk, Daft Punk, Massive Attack,.. He moved to Barcelona where he continued his career as an independent artist. After working on conceptual videos, Paul Orsen is currently doing experimental research in photography.