TOKYO-2018 Book / People

People of Tsukiji

  • Prize
    Bronze in Book/People
  • Photographer
    Gigi Chung
  • Technical Info
  • Photo Date
    April 2018

The 83-year old Tsukiji Fish Market has finally closed on October 6, 2018. The market has relocated to Toyosu in Tokyo and has been in operation since October 11. My intent is to document the faces of various people working during the last months of operation at Tsukiji. While the location of Tsukiji will no longer be the bustling scene for seafood distribution, the spirit of bringing the freshest seafood to consumers will live on.

Gigi Chung is a fine-art photographer specializing in abstract architecture and portraiture. Her first solo exhibition at Hasselblad Japan Tokyo Store Gallery In February 2019. Her works have been curated into the inaugural Monochrome exhibition at The Glasgow Gallery Of Photography in 2019. She has exhibited in Athens, Chania, Cormons,San Francisco, Vermont, Portland, Greensville, Taipei, London and New York. Her "Emergence" series has been curated into Kyotographie KG+2020 featured exhibition. She is a contributing writer to Medium Format Magazine and Tagree online magazine.