TOKYO-2018 Editorial / Conflict


  • Prize
    Silver in Editorial/Conflict
  • Photographer
    Alena Grom
  • Photo Date
    june 2018

Photographs about life during the war. The project was created by a photo artist in 2018 on the front-line territory of Donbass. A Ukrainian photographer from Donbass, Alena Grom, shows life despite the odds. The pictures are based around the stories of women who decided to give birth to a child while living in a war zone. The photo artist builds her work on medical parallels where soil and shelter take the literal form of a picture of an ultrasound of an abdomen. Residents of mining towns are an intrauterine fetus that develops and lives a full life, but in full dependence on its mother.

In 2014, began a mixed war against Ukraine Alena and her family had to leave their home and become refugees. Born in Donbas and with a background in contiguous field, Alena embraced photography relatively late, treating it as a conceptual art. Mastering the visual language of conceptual photography, the author could not help addressing matters that concern her directly: she shoots not the war , but the way society interacts with war and what is left behind it. Her photography is not a lamentation; it is a reaffirmation of life.