TOKYO-2018 Science / Technology

A Place of Culture

  • Prize
    Gold in Science/Technology
  • Photographer
    Azul Pinoba
  • Photo Date
    July 2018

An incubator cultivating a variety of cell lines.

Azul Pinoba is a Spanish scientist and photographer based in Ithaca, NY (USA). From an early age, her fascination with nature led her to develop a deep curiosity for the inner workings of the world. Now earning her PhD in Microbiology at Cornell University, her pursuits to better understand nature are a part of her daily life. As an extrapolation of her scientific mindset, Pinoba attempts to show a deeper side of our visual reality through her photography. By creating a visual mélange of the physical and natural with the dreamlike, she provides a more insightful view of the world around us.