TOKYO-2018 Editorial / sports

Water and Light

  • Prize
    Bronze in Editorial/sports
  • Photographer
    Andre Magarao
  • Technical Info
    A Study Of The Use Of Studio Lights To Shoot Kiteboarding
  • Photo Date

This series shows my results after experimenting with shooting kiteboarding with powerful studio lights. One of the main challenges was to be able to place the lights where I needed. That took me to the unconventional solution of putting my lights on swimming pool floats so they could go where I needed in the lagoon. I was lucky enough to get some of the best athletes in the world involved. Which definitely made my life easier since these guys and girls can be so precise.

Since I’ve always been into sports it was a natural step to start shooting my friends doing sports. I quickly noticed that shooting during “the golden hour” led to shots I liked more. But then I started shooting sports like skateboarding and it’s very hard to talk skateboarders into waking up at 5am to get that good light. That was when I started studying artificial light. Nowadays I travel with a pretty big amount of gear and place flashes where I probably shouldn’t be placing to get the shots you see here.