TOKYO-2018 Book / Nature

Plastic Oceans

  • Prize
    Gold in Book/Nature, 1st Place winner in Book
  • Photographer
    Mei Chin Chang
  • Technical Info
    Shutter:1/400sec, Iso:100, Aperture:3.9
  • Photo Date

The garbage is not clear enough. The epitome of global marine litter problems, most of which are plastic products that will remain for hundreds of years. The rubbish made by humans drifts with the current, and it can be cleaned up after being washed ashore, but more is floating in the sea. But the existence of these garbage. Even if you can't see it, marine debris is an invisible killer for ecology and humans. Turtles, sea lions, seabirds and other creatures eat garbage and become poisoned. The fish eats plastic that gradually breaks down into pieces of debris, and finally returns to humans th

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