TOKYO-2018 Fine Art / Other

The Infinite Universe

  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art/Other
  • Company
    Patty Maher Photography
  • Photographer
    Patty Maher

Throughout her work, Yayoi Kusama uses polka dots as a metaphor for giving up personal identity and becoming one with the universe. This staged photography series is an absurdist exploration and homage to the themes that run throughout Kusama’s work. In this series, female figures are clothed, covered or somehow encased in polka dots. In each photo the identity of the figure is intentionally blocked or obscured while the motif of polka dots gives indication of the universe that exists concurrently within and outside of us.

About Patty Patty Maher is an internationally recognized, award winning fine art photographer and artist based in Caledon, Ontario, Canada.  The inspiration for her art comes from an exploration of the feminine in the context of both natural and urban settings.  Working primarily through staged portraiture and self-portraiture Maher is widely known for hiding or obscuring the faces of her subjects often only using only posture, gesture, symbol and colour to convey emotion and story.  Maher explores the inner worlds of her subjects while at the same time considering notions of personal space.