TOKYO-2018 Book / Documentary

Futuro Recuperado

  • Prize
    Gold in Book/Documentary
  • Photographer
    Daniel Minsky
  • Technical Info
    20x24cm 88 Pages. Natural Evolution Paper,20 Pages Inlet With Translations.self Published, 2018
  • Photo Date
    2015 - 2017

Argentina 2001, many companies underwent fraudulent conveyance and were forced into bankruptcy by their own owners. Workers, who were owed several months of unpaid wages, would lose their jobs and receive no compensation at all. Many them decided to take over the factories and restart production. They moved to co-operatives with self-managed work,worker’s assemblies and equal income distribution. Futuro Recuperado registered the daily life in a recovered factory for a year. It portrays workers, their duties, their production and their assemblies, as well as their rest breaks and Friday asados