TOKYO-2018 Fine Art / Nudes

The Art of Aging

  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/Nudes
  • Photographer
    Arianne Clement
  • Photo Date

The art of aging A photo story on the themes of beauty and sensuality in women aged 70 and over What if beauty could not be reduced to an idealized aesthetic? What if, beyond the traces left by the passage of time on our features, beauty could be something less tangible but more lasting? Beauty is a way of being. Something to cultivate, teach and learn from, and something that each of the eight women (and two men) that reveal their intimacy and sensuality in this project are marvelous examples of.

While working as a journalist in the Great North, I began playing with documentary photography. This experience inspired me to do a Master’s degree in photojournalism at the University of the Arts of London, which I obtained with honors. During my numerous trips abroad, I developed a photographic style that combines art, documentary and social awareness. For many years, I have been taking interest in the “invisible” people living in my own community. I now devote a big part of my art to the elderly.