TOKYO-2018 Advertising / Fashion

When Frogs Have Brunch

  • Prize
    Gold in Advertising/Fashion
  • Photographer
    Tessa Doniga Johnson
  • Technical Info
    Picture Taken With Bronchor Siros Equipment And A 50mm Canon.
  • Photo Date

Thanks to the use of complementary colors and the organic and objectual props, I wanted to take the picture to a possible discarded passage of Lewis Carroll's story, "Alice in Wonderland" where a human subject shares a "delicious" brunch with amphibians, as if this character came from a transformation of himself from frog to man.

Tessa Doniga is founder of Fragmento Universo, a film and photography studio based in Madrid . In most of the studio video pieces she play's with purely aesthetic concepts, combining design, art direction and sound. The studio's work is specialized in lo-fi visuals, naturalness and simplicity. The studio experiments everyday building it's visual language with self initiated and commissioned projects. She offer's videos, sound design & photography.