TOKYO-2018 Book / Documentary


  • Prize
    Bronze in Book/Documentary
  • Company
  • Photographer
    Lucia Herrero
  • Technical Info
    Images Taken With Dogitañ Dslr And Portable Flash. I Send 12 Pictures Out Of 50
  • Photo Date

This series takes the form of road movie. Reindeer-Man’s search for his identity is the impulse that drives him to take to the road. The action takes place in Norway. Through his adventures we explore a social landscape. The narrative opens space for fantasy. It's a real expedition where unknown people stop their daily activities to help create a fable.   With cinematographic touch my subjects become actors, landscapes are sets and an intriguing surrealism shapes documentary into a strange fiction. The introduction of a fiction character makes real life shine with strangeness.

Lucía studied Architecture, Photography and Physical Theatre. The study of these three branches of art and her experiences travelling the world has shaped Lucia as the artist she is now. Lucia is an artist whose work has won international prizes. Her style in documentary/art photography has been widely exhibited and published from all over the world. She has developed an approach to documentary photography called by her Antropología Fantástica (a mixture between social science and artistic intervention). She portraits people and cultures with both drama and fantasy elements.