TOKYO-2018 Science / Other


  • Prize
    Bronze in Science/Other
  • Photographer
    Nick Prince
  • Technical Info
    Nikon D810 With Various Microscope Objectives Modified For Purpose
  • Photo Date
    2015 - 2017

“The devil is in the details” alternately, “angels are in the details”, each saying is a side of the same coin, one representing dissonance, and the other harmony. Both refer to details that present themselves as potentially good or bad. However there is another way to look at them. My works use some of nature’s smallest details to create abstract images. In these images, I mix and juxtapose “dissonance” and “harmony” in thousands of ways with the goal of creating an energy and purpose within the work that attracts the mind and spirit as well as the eye.

Nick Prince is based in Atlanta, Georgia. He is an artist producing works in stained glass, silver, and photography. His photographic journey was born of the natural world, photographing landscapes with 35mm film. Today, he shoots digital and expresses his passion and ideas through abstract works created from light and materials found inside geological phenomena. His work and imagination has been internationally recognized for projects and individual works, as well as contributions to books and publications.