TOKYO-2018 Book / Nature

Saddleworth: Responding to A Landscape

  • Prize
    Silver in Book/Nature
  • Company
    Matthew Murray
  • Photographer
    Matthew Murray
  • Technical Info
    5x4 Camera, Car Headlights, Mobile Phone Lights, Location Lighting, Coloured Gels.

Saddleworth: Responding to a Landscape is a photographic odyssey of landscape work. The work focuses on light, nature and geology. The series is a personal expression of the landscape after Murray became full time carer for his father-in-law who had been was diagnosed with vascular dementia and alzheimer's. The results are rich, painterly and reminiscent of Dutch seventeenth century landscape painter Jacob Van Ruisdael. The intimate insight and obsessive study allows audiences to think about their own experience and emotion when faced with landscape and nature.