TOKYO-2018 Nature / Pets

Lord of Cats

  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature/Pets
  • Company
    Houndstooth Studio
  • Photographer
    Alex Cearns
  • Technical Info
    Canon 1dxmii Tamron 24-70mm Gen 2 Lens
  • Photo Date

Kewpie the sphinx is the lord of cats.

Dogs Today Magazine in the United Kingdom calls Perth based photographer Alex Cearns “One of our greatest dog photographers in the world.” Alex is the Creative Director of Houndstooth Studio and specialises in capturing portraits that convey the intrinsic character of her animal subjects. With a six month waiting list for appointments, Alex photographs for engaged pet lovers, corporate brands in Australia, the USA and the UK, and for around 40 Australian and International animal charities and conservation organisations.