TOKYO-2018 Nature / Trees


  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature/Trees
  • Company
    Thor Fine Art Photography
  • Photographer
    Torleif Lie
  • Technical Info
    Pentax 645z
  • Photo Date

14 months ago one of my best friends was diagnosed with brain tumor. Surgery was followed by heavy doses of chemotherapy and radiation. It soon became clear that he is not going to survive the disease. There is no longer any treatment that can save him. I created "Malignant" to portray his painful physical and emotional battle with this terrible disease.

My vision is to travel the globe on an eternal quest to capture unique moments in time, by creating imagery of our magnificent and fragile planet. Capturing the raw beauty and living energy of Mother Nature with all her natural wonders and beautiful creatures is my inspiration and what I live and crave for. Through the imagery I create I try to reach out to touch the heart and soul of my audience and to open their mind and awareness for the enchanting beauty of the natural wonders in the world that we live in. I welcome you to take part of my journey through the images I create.