TOKYO-2018 Fine Art / Other

Forest Punk

  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/Other
  • Company
    Dieter Klein Fotografie
  • Photographer
    Dieter Klein
  • Technical Info
    Phaseone, 100 Megapix
  • Photo Date

It all started with Rosalie. The chance encounter during a holiday in 2009 near Cognac in France gave the photographer, Dieter Klein, a new impulse for his work. But Rosalie is no beauty. Rosalie bears clear signs of age. The ravages of time have gnawed at her and for this very reason it was love at first sight for Dieter Klein. Rosalie is not an aging village beauty. Rosalie was built in 1937, made of sheet metal, rusty and an old Citroën truck from the "Rosalie" series. She stands somewhere completely forgotten, is marked by wind and weather and is sleeping beauty surrounded by elder bushes.

Study Photography 1985-95 Work for newspapers and magazines 1995-2003 Advertising photography 2004-12 Book projects Since 2008 Project: Forest Punk 2008-18 Trips in Germany, Belgium, France, Austria & Sweden 2014-16 4 trips in USA, 20 weeks on road, 25.000 miles, 39 States