TOKYO-2018 Nature / Flowers

Boiling Crash Number 3

  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/Moving Images, Silver in Nature/Flowers
  • Company
    Sharon Neel-bagley
  • Photographer
    Sharon Neel-Bagley
  • Technical Info
    Canon Eos 5d Mark Ii Lens 28-70mm
  • Photo Date

This is one of the floral images in the “Boiling Crash” series. High-speed photography suspends the crash of the liquid nitrogen soaked flower. A pellet dissects the popping, sizzling and smoking flower into unique abstracts. This collision creates a burst of energy, motion and color that exists in the moment.

Dallas environmental artist, Sharon Neel-Bagley explores climate change, conservation, and grassroots solution. She applies scientific tools & methods in her photography, printmaking, sculpture, and art installations. She holds a BFA in Photography from the University of North Texas. Mrs. Neel-Bagley's Boiling Crash series are incorporate art collections and Sharon has been incorporating science into her work since 2011. She's not a scientist, Science is an essential part of the making of her work.