TOKYO-2018 Fine Art / Moving Images

The Endless Repetition of An Ordinary Miracle

  • Prize
    Silver in Editorial/Moving Images, Bronze in Fine Art/Moving Images
  • Photographer
    Eric Pijnaken
  • Technical Info
    Images Taken With A Pentax K5
  • Photo Date

Many photographes are serious, but these ones are fun. Ordinary objects taken from daily life. I let them turn like a wheel. They do change, and tell another story than a "still" picture. Aha. Finally not a message, but pictures, simply to enjoy.

After a career of art journalism and later social-economic journalism on a daily newspaper in the Netherlands, he concentrates since 25 years - living in France - on street photography, documentary collage,and other artistic forms, inspired among others by "Arte Povera". He exhibits in France, Switzerland, Greece and the Netherlands. Many international photo awards.