TOKYO-2018 Book / Fine Art

Vladimir Kabelik: Photography (Book Entry - Monograph)

  • Prize
    Bronze in Book/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Vladimir Kabelik
  • Technical Info
    11x13”coffee Table Monograph, 136 Pages, Hardcover, Edition Of 100 Signed & Numbered Copies
  • Photo Date
    2016 (self-published)

We are all storytellers. The most important story we tell is the story of our own life. We are all immigrants in this life. We may not have crossed the sea ice of the Bering Strait or fled from persecution in another country but we are all born as strangers to this world. Some of our life story we make, some is made for us. The story we tell changes with time, varies depending upon our audience. This book is my visual autobiography. If my images stir emotions, evoke memories, provoke association and make you to reflect on your own life story then I have achieved my goal.

Born in Zlin, Czechoslovakia · Educated at FAMU, Prague · Mentored by Miroslav Hak · Silver Pin by the Guild of Czech Photographers · 1982 Landed in Canada · Employed by Sheridan College · An early adopter of the Piezography process · Canadian solo exhibits: Niches, Black & White Blues, Memories, Suite 204, One Life - Two Cities, Limping Forward - Looking Back · Published in The Luminous Landscape, LensWork, Canadian Camera, PhotoEd · Represented by Marcia Rafelman Fine Arts · 2016 monograph Vladimir Kabelik: PHOTOGRAPHY · Black & White Magazine Spotlight Award · 2017 Art Photo Index member.