TOKYO-2018 Editorial / Political

Heartfelt Welcome

  • Prize
    Gold in Editorial/Political
  • Photographer
    Argus Paul Estabrook
  • Technical Info
    Sony A7, Leica 28mm, I40 Flash Unit - Full Frame, Multiple Isos And Shutter Speeds
  • Photo Date
    Nov 4-7, 2017

On November 7, 2017, South Korean President Moon Jae-in extended a “heartfelt welcome” towards US President Donald Trump as he arrived in Seoul for a two-day summit to reaffirm the Korea-US alliance. However, his stay did not pass without criticism. Labeling the US president a warmonger, the “No Trump Joint Action Task Force” organized rallies against his visit. Made up of 220 left-wing political parties, civic groups, labor unions and student groups, the association claimed his impulsive remarks towards North Korea heightened military tensions on the peninsula.

I’m an emerging photographer currently based in Seoul, South Korea. As a Korean-American who grew up in a rural area of Virginia, I have a unique perspective of Korean identity and its relationship to both global and regional communities. I studied photography as an undergraduate but set it aside during my MFA program at James Madison University to concentrate on intermedia. After moving to South Korea I rediscovered photography, using it as a means to document and share my experiences.